OpenOffice won't print

R Kimber rkimber at
Sun Oct 2 16:14:30 UTC 2005

On Sun, 02 Oct 2005 17:00:36 +0100
Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at> wrote:

> Richard,
> On Sun, 2005-10-02 at 15:38 +0100, R Kimber wrote:
> > How do I get OpenOffice to print?  (I.e directly to the printer)
> > All my other applications will print fine.  Abiword prints fine,
> > but at the last update the system wanted to remove it (I don't
> > understand why that should be, it seems daft. Two word processors
> > ought to be able to coexist).
> I have found that the print button on the tool bar does not always
> work, but going through File->Print dialogue and selecting your
> printer etc., does work!
> I think it is to do with whatever default printer is associated with
> the document.

Thanks, but I tried that without success. Since posting about this I've
been doing more Googling and came across a page that suggested that OO
wouldn't compile properly on amd64 (I should have mentioned that I'm
using 64bit).  If this report is true, one wonders why it''s part of the
64bit distribution.  Anyway, I've now removed it.

- Richard.
Richard Kimber

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