Digital camera, picture printing

Andy Choens gunksta at
Sun Oct 2 16:38:10 UTC 2005

> I use a small script that mounts, copies (one locally and one on a
> server) from the camera (actually I use a CF card reader/writer).
> Yep gphoto is more stable, I prefer f-spot because I just use it to view
> photos on screen and it knows if the photo was taken in portrait or
> landscape mode which is useful when just viewing.

Yeah, I've been playing around with the Breezy version. I actually really
like what I see. I think I'm going to switch over to it myself. But, since
it does like to crash, I just can't recommend it for general use yet....but,
I do like it's searching capabilities. They are nice.

It really needs to have an instruction guide. Maybe I'll bang one out.

I do with it, or some other program I already have installed, would just let
me EDIT the exif stuff. I even installed digikam wondering if KDE had
something up it's sleeve. It seems like a nice enough program, but still, I
can only viw the EXIF data.

Darned people with cameras set in the late 60's....... :-)
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