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Sun Oct 2 13:29:32 UTC 2005

Dennis Kaarsemaker Wrote: 
> On za, 2005-10-01 at 16:31 -0400, Andy Choens wrote:


> > Wow, why did that get removed?  That seems sorta silly.  It was
> useful

> > for just this sort of problem.

> The boot-admin can very quickly mess up the specially crafted Ubuntu

> menu.lst which would cause problems during kernel updates.


Wouldn't a warning message when using, be better instead of removing
the application? Because now there is a problem and it is difficult to
get the thing working again (especialy for former windows users like me
;) )

Lucky i read this post because i had seen that in the menu and i
couldn't find it back. Thought I'd messed up something.

I did found the grub list, but since there is no root account you can't
edit it so you need to use the terminal with commands i don't know so i
have to read the forum to find a sollution. Ubuntu is ment to be easy
for people formerly using windows. (and i must say most of the time it
is and i realy like it) Those people don't use command lines they want
to use the mouse and *click*

The sollutions in this forum also often use the terminal with some
commands. Maybe those sollutions should also be made more *clickable*
for the newbys. probably harder for the linuxdiehards and much slower,
but for the common people that is the way they want it because they
don't know what sh ./ - a apt-get or what else is. With those
sollutions I just type the thing from the forum and stay dumb because i
don't know the commands. With *click* it is much easier to remember in
wich menu you had to change things.


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