Still fighting to get names to resolve in Ubuntu

Peter Eis eis at
Sun Oct 2 11:45:25 UTC 2005

Colin Murphy wrote:

>I am still banging on about this problem I am having getting my internet 
>connection to work properly.  I think the problem is tied to resolving domain 
>On my ADSL line I have an Addon ARM8100 router/modem.  Looking through the web 
>admin tool for the modem I cannot see any options to control or amend 
>nameserver entries.  Ubuntu looks to the router to resolve domain names. 
>This has not previously been a problem because, being a refugee from Suse, I 
>always had my nameservers 'hard coded' in resolv.conf.  This does not seem to 
>be an acceptible way of working in Ubuntu because resolv.conf keeps being 
>overwritten to point at the router,
you could try to add your nameservers to /etc/network/interfaces
I'm not to familiar about ubuntu yet but it seems like that is the place
where all netwoking options are set.


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