Still fighting to get names to resolve in Ubuntu

Colin Murphy lists at
Sun Oct 2 11:10:15 UTC 2005

I am still banging on about this problem I am having getting my internet 
connection to work properly.  I think the problem is tied to resolving domain 

On my ADSL line I have an Addon ARM8100 router/modem.  Looking through the web 
admin tool for the modem I cannot see any options to control or amend 
nameserver entries.  Ubuntu looks to the router to resolve domain names. 

This has not previously been a problem because, being a refugee from Suse, I 
always had my nameservers 'hard coded' in resolv.conf.  This does not seem to 
be an acceptible way of working in Ubuntu because resolv.conf keeps being 
overwritten to point at the router,

I seem to be able to get some sort of name resolution working if I tinker, for 
instance, if I do :

 # dig

I get an answer back for the IP address.  If I then enter this ip address into 
a browser it will show up the google page. If I then enter the name 
'' into a browser, it will bring up the page, like it has 
been cached somewhere.  Obviously links from the google page don't work

I have to get name resolution working for synaptic by using this same dig 
workaround, not that I really understand why dig works and nothing else.

So, advice then please, as to how I should proceed in getting my system to 
work properly.

I know I could write my own details in resolv.conf and then lock the file 
write permissions, but this really seems to be a nasty kludge and am looking 
for 'The Proper Way' (tm).

Colin at

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