Redhat and Adobe survey

neil woolford lists at
Wed Nov 30 23:42:59 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 19:31 +0000, Olafur Arason wrote:
> Redhat and Adobe are having a survery about linux use and the use of
> some programs, very interesting.

Interesting indeed, and indicative of how Linux is beginning to be taken
seriously by major software producers.

I'm a photographer by trade, and have used Photoshop as my main image
manipulation program (for work) for some five years now.  A year or so
back I, as a registered user of Photoshop, was included in an Adobe
survey.  One or two of the questions asked in very general terms about
whether there might be interest in Linux versions of some of the Adobe

From the look of this latest survey, I was not the only one to answer in
the affirmative :)

Some of the questions in this new survey suggest that real consideration
is being given to Linux ports of Photoshop and other Adobe programs.
I'm going to sidestep the IP and open/closed issues here - wimp that I
am - and concentrate on one usability issue;  should the Linux version
be a clone of the Mac/Windows versions, or should it have its own
'Linux' look and feel and controls?  E.g. do we give up centre mouse
button paste for greater compatibility?

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