Upgrading Hoary to Breezy?

Hakim Singhji hzs202 at nyu.edu
Wed Nov 30 18:17:04 UTC 2005

Hakim Singhji <hzs202 <at> nyu.edu> writes:

> hometoast wrote:
> > that message is instructing you to do this:
> > $ export LANGUAGE="en"
> > $ export LC_ALL="unset"
> > $ export LANGUAGE="UTF-8-US"
> Should I include the above in my .bashrc file so that I do not have to
> type this everytime I login?
I resolved this problem by issuing the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install language-base-en lang-support-en

That seemed to resolve the problem quite well. Just incase anyone else should
run into this problem.


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