Laser Printers suggestions? HP 2550 looks good, others?

Stephen Ryan taketwoaspirin at
Wed Nov 30 00:11:05 UTC 2005

On 11/29/05, Walter Tautz <wtautz at> wrote:
> Ideally I would like a printer that can do auto-duplexing.
> I print mostly black and white but since colour printers
> are relatively cheap (I bet the toner cartriges are not
> cheap ;-)) I thought it would be interesting to consider
> them also.
> Samsung seems to make laser printers that have auto-duplexing
> at reasonable prices.
> The HP 2550 according to is fully supported
> but doesn't have auto-duplexing. What are people's experiences.
> Am I correct in thinking that native postscript printers
> work under linux? I gather that finer control of the features
> of the printer may, however, not be accessible?
> I'd appreciate some suggestions of what people use.
> Strictly for home use.

Yes, native postscript printers do work well under Linux, and you might be
surprised at how much control you get.  I have not tried a color laser, so I
can't speak for that, but I do have a duplex printer at work (HP 2200DN, I
think), and CUPS knows about all of the features of it that I could find.
You don't say how much printing you intend to do, but I purchased a Kyocera
printer based on the lower cost per page because I'm anticipating an
increase in the number of pages printed as my children grow to school age,
and Kyocera does have a moderately-priced duplex printer, the FS-1020D
(being replaced by the FS-1030D?)

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