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Tue Nov 29 14:21:49 UTC 2005


i just have to add althrough i dont know ubuntu as much:
/etc/X11/xorg.conf or XF86config
contain the possible resolutions and with them the refreshrates. sure
there is a tool, that handles the modeline stuff that noone realy
understands :( - since i use flatpanels i had never again to play
arround with refreshrates, things maybe have changed over the years...

/etc/init.d/xdm or gdm are designed to respawn the x server once it is
shut down with ctrl+alt+backspace.
of course you can stop them and the respawning will not happen (and
maybe your xsession gets killed)
sudo /etc/init.dl/xdm stop

to get to the console login just try ctrl+alt+f1(-f6) while x is
running - i liked the console login too until i got bored with writing
~/.xinitrc scripts.
speaking of which: if you like gnome but not its fully stuffed desktop
and session tools you are better to create a xinitrc that starts the
panel and the windowmanager
windowmanager (metacity or sawfish)

then your startx will get up with the tools you like....

to correct your inittab work (i remember searching things in it and
was never satisfied) i can only say DONT touch it, you probably mess
everything up....
the "startup" software is in /etc/RC? (ubuntusers may complete that)
there are symlinks to the scripts in /etc/init.d/ that are named a bit courious:
the number is to asure the correct startorder and the xdm is to give
you a cloue without reading the symlink contents.
there are tools that manipulate the startup order and contens but you
can do this by hand with removing the symlink (rm) and creating some
(ln -s)

when you take it step by step you will learn how to tune linux in no
time and smile about the unflexible way windows lets you handle that


On 11/29/05, Magnus Therning <magnus at> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 12:19:38PM +0000, Sam Tygier wrote:
> >Lee H. wrote:
> >>On Mon, 28 Nov 2005 19:55:15 +0000, you wrote:
> >>>how did you install gnome? it looks like you installed the
> >>>ubunut-desktop package. this is a metapackage. it just make sure that
> >>>a list of packages get installed, in this case all the default ubunut
> >>>applications and gnome.  if you remove ubuntu desktop then you can
> >>>remove things like firefox.
> >>Er...ummm....:  sudo apt-get install gnome Is there such a thing as:
> >>sudo apt-get uninstall gnome  ??    :)
> >
> >"gnome" is another meta package like ubuntu desktop, which depends on a
> >few more meta and real packages including gnome-office (which get you
> >abiword and gnumeric) and gnome-desktop-environment.
> >
> >gnome-desktop-environment is yet another metapackage.
> >
> >gnome-core seems to be the metapackage that you want. you'll get the
> >core of gnome, nautilus, gedit, and eog, but thats about all.
> >
> >the trouble you have is now how to get rid of everything else.
> >
> >one trick is to remove something that they all depend on. try removing
> >libgtk2.0-0. then installing gnome-core.
> A better trick is to use `debfoster`. Install it, run it like this:
>  % sudo debfoster -qmn
> The remove the offending package:
>  % sudo debfoster gnome-
> You'll be asked about every package that `gnome` depends on that isn't
> needed by any other package.
> If you feel lucky you can do:
>  % sudo debfoster -f gnome-
> It'll do the same, but without asking any questions... (don't come
> crying to me if you FUBAR your system though)
> /M
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