GDM with user album

Erich Reto Iseli erich.iseli at
Mon Nov 28 18:20:15 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I'm not the only one thinking that a new GDM theme is needed:
One with a user album (or user list). By default there's just one theme
installed with a user list, it's happygnome-list. Since the colors are
not very ubuntu-like (blue), I changed the theme's colors. See:

This was not satisfactory to me, so I created a new theme called
HumanList, a variation from the default theme Human. It has a user album
however it behaves not exactly as I would expect: when clicking on a
user icon, the user should be prompted for his password directly. What I
get however, is just the username field filled in. I still have to press
enter to get the password field. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my

You can get it from here:

Thanks for your insight.

Erich aka ricky

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