Locating nVidia Driver

Phillip Sc. Boegh psb at ipl.dtu.dk
Mon Nov 28 10:24:27 UTC 2005

> Where is the current graphics driver located?
> How do I figure out whether or not my default 5.10 installation is already
> running an nVidia driver?  And if it is, how do I figure out what version
> I
> am already running?  I think some of the problem I'm having with
> installing
> the latest driver may stem from not uninstalling the driver I already
> have.
> My xorg.conf file already shows the right nVidia card, so maybe I don't
> need
> to install anything, just edit the config file to permit the higher screen
> resolution that I want.  Is that possible?
See for yourself IF the Nvidia driver is running - I guess it is the nv
driver that runs:
Boot up without the graphic mode, write:
 sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
choise nvidia if it is available and if not go the whole way through:
METHOD 2 of the how-to at:

If anyone know a easier way please let me know too.



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