Pretty much how I feel

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Sun Nov 27 20:14:55 UTC 2005

Frank McCormick wrote:
> Ran across this tonight while Googling for some help on getting videos
> from CNN and other sites to play in my browser.
> CNN is totally useless mainly because if I knew the file types they send
> I could probably figure it out.
> But this message on Linuxworld is pretty much how I and a few
> others I know feel about Linux Video and Audio right now.

I feel pretty much the same way. For all the Linux users that despise
Windows so much I have message for you.

This stuff just WORKS in Windows, period.  Real Media, QuickTime and
(naturally) Windows Media.

Don't get me wrong, the geek in me still prefers Linux overall.

I've yet to get CNN video working.  I've tried it with Totem-xine and
VLC.  I have w32codecs installed as CNN uses Windows Media (why I don't
know, their competitor MSNBC does too).

As far as MPlayer goes, ones it drops it's dated, butt-ugly GTK1
interface, I'll consider it.

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