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Peter Garrett peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au
Sun Nov 27 17:07:42 UTC 2005

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 16:50:13 +0100
Thilo Six <T.Six at gmx.de> wrote:

> Today i came across the same problem and i´ver followed your instructions.
> > 2) sudo apt-get remove --purge kubuntu-artwork-usplash
> if i do this it also removes kubuntu-desktop. Which lead in a bunch of
> removed packages during next upgrade if you use aptitude instead of apt-get.

It's OK to remove kubuntu-desktop as it is a meta-package ( it
contains dependencies ).

In other words, allow apt to remove it, and follow the other steps.
When you dpkg-reconfigure the linux-image it will say it can't find a
splash - but this seems to refer to something else, and at least
here, the usplash went back to the Ubuntu one.

apt-cache show kubuntu-desktop

Description: Kubuntu desktop system
 This package depends on all of the packages in the Kubuntu desktop
system .
 It is safe to remove this package if some of the desktop system
packages are not desired.

What will happen is that the package kubuntu-desktop will be removed,
but nothing else. If you need it for a dist-upgrade you can reinstall
it without problems for that purpose. Not sure if this reinstalls the
kubuntu-artwork-usplash package. I see your point about aptitude,
although my German is not up to understanding the output properly !

Hope that helps :)

BTW the tinfoil-hat has nothing to do with oil :)  see


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