When installing, after reboot installer crashes

Russell Harmon eatnumber1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 01:28:27 UTC 2005

Whenever I install ubuntu (i have the 64 bit version) on my AMD64 comp,
after it reboots and ejects the cd, while "installing packages" it crashes
to a grey screen full of text that says things like [ 505.581530] CR2:

If I reboot, it starts, and tells me (only once) that not all packages
installed correctly... then i can login normally... but if I try to run
synaptic, or apt-get it gives me the error about the directory being locked
(the same one u get if u run apt-get while synaptic is running)

I have used 2 different burns of the ISO i have for it, and the md5 of the
iso is correct. Also, if I use expert mode when installing and use a
different kernel, it freezes when installing packages at 85%... no errors.

Pls help
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