Kile spell checking

alain.muls at alain.muls at
Thu Nov 24 15:01:05 UTC 2005


Since I upgraded to breezy, I lost the spell checking in kile. Normally I use dutch or french spell checking, but I also tried american. I cannot have kile do a spell check "on line", so that words are immediately indicated as error when not in the dictionary. When I select "spell check document", the spell checker comes up. Under hoary I had this feature enabled. I checked the installation and have all programs installed (namely ispell, aspell, hspell (which one is used?) and FR, US and NL dictionaries). I also checked that I had kate-plugins installed and they are enabled in its katerc file

KTextEditor Plugin ktexteditor_docwordcompletion=true
KTextEditor Plugin ktexteditor_insertfile=true
KTextEditor Plugin ktexteditor_isearch=true
KTextEditor Plugin ktexteditor_kdatatool=true
KTextEditor Plugin ktexteditor_kttsd=false

Can someone help me out?


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