dist-upgrade installed new kernel = KERNEL PANIC [SOLVED]

Phillip Susi psusi at cfl.rr.com
Wed Nov 23 20:19:31 UTC 2005

James Gray wrote:
> Anyway, turns out the 15MB partition (WTF was I smoking when I set that?!) 
> meant the initrd that was created by the postinst script didn't finish 
> writing before the /boot partition filled up.  IOW, the compressed cramfs 
> initrd.img was never written out correctly.

It is actually an initramfs cpio archive, not a cramfs initrd image.

> Here's the traps I fell into:
> 1. 15MB for /boot really isn't enough.  Multiply that by about 10 and you're
>    in the right ball park.

I have a 50 MB /boot partition and right now I think I have 4 different 
kernels and their initrd's and still have something like 15 MB free I 
think.  25 MB should be enough to comfortably hold 2 kernels.

Lately I have been wondering why I should bother having a separate /boot 
partition at all.  Something rooted deep inside me says it is a good 
idea, but I really can't come up with a compelling reason for it.  After 
all, grub is capable of booting directly from my reiserfs /.

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