Stuck in the installer..

Chanchao custom at
Mon Nov 21 04:12:53 UTC 2005


This is a bit awkward as I managed to install Hoary without a glitch a
couple of months ago.

I'm now trying to install Breezy from CD and I'm stuck..  I get stuck
where it goes to the partitioning thing and claims I didn't select a
root partition, even though I see a partition with the 'lighting'
character that's the active partition for the exisiting Hoary
installation.  I thought I could just reformat that one, (while
keeping the files in the home partition).

I don't really mind if it overwrites the existing system or even
existing files; I keep important files away from the Ubuntu drive

Note that I cannot upgrade over the internet as Ubuntu doesn't seem to
like my modem, so that option is out and I will have to install (or
upgrade) using the CD. I downloaded the CD image and burnt a CD.

Should I just wipe the partitions off and start again?  Or does the
'upgrade' typically work, and then how do I go about making sure
Synaptic finds the CD.   Does anyone know where is a reliable guide to
doing the upgrade, it didn't seem to be included on the CD.


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