Stupid Newbie Disaster

Chris Woods chris at
Sat Nov 19 00:06:17 UTC 2005

Hi John,

I understand your frustration and sympathize 100%. I've been using linux 
as my main desktop OS since 1993, and every time I'm forced to use 
Windows, I end up equally as agitated. I'm stuck in Windows for now, in 
fact... hardware that Ubuntu doesn't see, I think, haven't tried sorting 
it yet, but my patience grows thin by the hour. I must say I think 
you're being entirely too hard on yourself. The onus of providing usable 
computing environments is on the information industry. A long rant for 
another time and another place...

Are you able to boot the machine to a command line? If so, do that, and 
let's see about getting your video drivers working. (I haven't used 
ubuntu on a machine with nvidia hardware yet, but I will soon, and I had 
nvidia drivers working great in gentoo)

Hang in there!

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