To sudo or not to sudo (was Re: Installing nVidia Drivers)

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Fri Nov 18 17:04:17 UTC 2005

Cliff Pankonien wrote:
> from a root window, do apt-get install binutils . that will install it
> wherever it needs to be. you can also use synaptic if you prefer a gui,
> either one _should_ work...i still can't get used to the sudo thing, so
> i set up a root password so that i can open a root term session if i
> need to...obviously you could sudo apt-egt install binutils and get the
> same result.

Please don't confuse the masses with this.  Many Linux newbies may have
no idea what you mean since Ubuntu doesn't give you root access by

And speaking of sudo, it took a while for me to adjust myself.   I've
used several other linus distos previously and was used to my good ole "su".

Howver,  lately I thouight I'd see how my "old friend" Fedora core was
doing.    After several days with Fedora I decided it was time to try
Debian (for the first time).

In both cases I learned real quickly how convenient sudo is.  So much so
that I spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure out how to enable it in
Debian (I finally did).

Just use it for a while you'll find it comes in very handy.   On the
other hand,  when  I came back to Ubuntu I did the root account for the
few times when it is easier to have it.  I was surprised at how easy it
was, so easy that I ended up doing it somewhat by accident during setup.
  But then my week with Debian showed me the wonders of debconf ;-)

One suggestion: use bash aliases for a lot of common commands you do
with sudo.    Then it becomes even handier.

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