Installing nVidia Drivers

Cliff Pankonien cliff at
Tue Nov 15 23:56:01 UTC 2005

from a root window, do apt-get install binutils . that will install it 
wherever it needs to be. you can also use synaptic if you prefer a gui, 
either one _should_ work...i still can't get used to the sudo thing, so 
i set up a root password so that i can open a root term session if i 
need to...obviously you could sudo apt-egt install binutils and get the 
same result.


John W Redelfs wrote:
> I just installed Ubuntu, and it is totally cool!  But I've hit a snag.
>  I've downloaded the latest nVidia driver for my graphics card onto my
> Desktop, and I can get the install script to run using sudo in a
> terminal.  But I get a screen saying it cannot find ld and to make
> sure I have binutils installed and that ld is in the path.
> How do I check to make sure I have binutils installed?  Where do I get
> binutils if I don't haved it?  Can I use sudo from my user account to
> install binutils?  Which directory do I install it in?  Can I use sudo
> to put ld in the path?  What file do I edit, and where do I find it?
> Can you tell that I haven't done much with Linux lately?  It seems
> like I've forgotten almost everything.  What is the quickest way for
> me to get back up to speed?
> --
> Your friend and brother,
> John W. Redelfs, jredelfs at

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