reconfigure the network...

Matt Price matt.price at
Thu Nov 17 16:38:22 UTC 2005


I run a class where students install ubuntu on computers they've built
themselves, then bring the computers home.  We have a minimal classroom,
so there's no network; most of them simply choose "do not configure the
network at this time" during the initial install.  

Now they're bringing the computers home, where the computers will be in
a variety of networking environments (e.g.:  small home networks using
commodity routers; direct hookup to cable/DSL modems; dialup
environments).  I'd liketo give them comprehensive instructions re: how
to reconfigure the network, but the methods with which I am familiar are
primarily command-line (editing /etc/network/interfaces), and many of my
students find the command-line very difficult.  I've been looking at the
gnome network interface, and it's ok, but for instance it doesn't show
any pppoe options, which would be required for most direct highspeed
connections in toronto.  

Thanks much,


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