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Tue Nov 15 20:37:00 UTC 2005

On 11/15/05, Zach <uid000 at> wrote:
> I'm in agreement. I'm removing it because of it's bind9 requirement.
> every since I installed it dns has been flakey, and since I am
> unfamliar with how bind works, I am not able to configure or
> troubleshoot it. network-manager would be great if it were simpler.

I think dns is flaky because there are two copies of bind running; I killed
the second one and dns suddenly became much more reliable (well, until I
dropped the laptop on the floor and the whole thing stopped working
permanently, it was more reliable, anyway!)

One copy is started at boot, by the bind package, as a regular name server,
and the other is started by nm, as a caching / forwarding name server. I
discovered this because I run an internal nameserver in my house, and the
hostname for my server wasn't being recognized, which meant that it was
bypassing the local nameserver supplied by DHCP.


$ ps axf

and look for two copies of named, with different parameters. One should look
something like "named .... -c /usr/lib/NetworkManager/named.conf", the other
should not have a "-c ...." parameter. (I'm doing this from memory, and this
is surely wrong; after I get my laptop repaired I can provide more details.)

I adjusted the symlinks in /etc/rc?.d/ to never start named so that I
wouldn't have the problem again.
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