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Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Nov 15 15:54:22 UTC 2005

Christoph Bier wrote:

> Derek Broughton schrieb am 14.11.2005 18:13:
>> Christoph Bier wrote:
>>>I also prefer newsgroups but this one isn't listed at my news
>>>provider's server :-(. For this list I use the Gmane gateway but
>>>actually it's not the same like a newsgroup.
>> What's not the same about it?  [...]
>From the technical point of view it's very often incredible slow.

Not that I've ever noticed on the ubuntu lists.  There are a couple of
moderated lists though where I suspect the moderators don't actually want
postings from gmane - I wish they'd say that instead of just slowing the
traffic from gmane.

> But what I mean is concerned to a kind of "culture" of
> communication. This ML tends to be more noisy (of course I already
> made unnecessary noise, too; sometimes it happens) than NGs and you
> find much more emails with bad quotation. 

I've never heard anybody suggest that mailing lists are ever more noisy than
newsgroups.  You don't hang out in the same newsgroups I do.  Quoting is a
practice that is invariably poor in both mail lists and newsgroups.

> For example, I hate TOFU 
> because I have to scroll down at the bottom of the email to see that
> there's nothing but quoted text.

Again, not something that's ever any different between email lists and

> Many articles are posted via the Forum gateway so you do not 
> see the real name but `'Forum Post'. I like to know the real name of
> the person I'm talking to ... 

But you never do on newsgroups _or_ lists (though, if I had my druthers I'd
close down that forum gateway).  The poster is named whatever the poster
wants, and I'm on one newsgroup where trolls routinely use the same names
as regular posters.

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