Please Help, I'm begging you: new Powerbook install problem 5.10

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Sun Nov 13 12:38:09 UTC 2005

On 11/6/05, Peter Lieverdink <ubuntu at> wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-11-07 at 10:19 +0900, Jan Moren wrote:
> > sön 2005-11-06 klockan 20:00 -0500 skrev Eric Dunbar:
> > > It's kind of like buying a Porsche and driving on a 20 km/h
> > > street, you're going to lose out on the advantages of a new machine,
> > > without gaining the benefits inherent in a Porsche (don't give me the
> > > nonsense of "it runs faster" b/c on a fast G4 you're not going to
> > > notice a whit of difference)! </flippant remark>
> Well, on a 1.4GHz G4 with 1GB ram you do notice a rather large
> difference. Linux runs faster faster than OSX. Have you tried too, or
> are you just guessing?

That's a matter of opinion when it comes to look-and-feel. Software
will run at basically the same speed (less the overhead of Apple's
interface... which is a lot more polished than GNOME ;-). And, yes, I
have tried it.

> Perhaps people who buy Apple hardware and run Linux aren't happy to
> shell out additional money for Microsoft Office and various other
> payware things. I know I'm not. You may have noticed there is no native
> for Mac (and where I live, there is no decently-priced 12" x86
> laptop)

Of course, if you can afford a _real_ laptop**, you can also able to
afford "real" software! (same reason I find it amusing to see people
with $2000 computers pirate software... not that it's acceptable or
condonable at any income bracket, theft is theft, regardless of how
you couch it).

I know I'm stating an opinion that is controversial for a _few people_
(the minority, to be sure) on a list where OSS is a religion for
_some_ people (most Linux users/dabblers are sane and rational
people), but, the reality is that for many softwares OSS simply isn't
"there" yet. for e.g.... its spread sheet is nowhere
near the sophistication, power, or stability of Excel (certainly not
for my needs... if you're making a bog-standard list then is
fine)... or, GIMP... nowhere near Photoshop (GIMP needs a serious
interface over-haul) ... however, Word is a completely different
story... AmiWord is an excellent piece of OSS and can go head-to-head
with Word anyday).

** Not some bargain basement i86 P.O.S... an aquaintance recently
bought one because they thought they'd save $300... well, they're
wishing they'd scrimped that little extra to buy a laptop with _fewer_
features, but higher manufacturing quality... you get what you pay for
in laptops

Anyway, I probably shouldn't be replying to this thread but it's 07:30
so not all synapses are firing yet and I haven't had my morning tea


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