Solaris: The Most Advanced OS?

Lee Braiden lee_b at
Sun Nov 13 10:13:46 UTC 2005

On Monday 07 November 2005 11:19, Mariusz Kruk wrote:
> Tshepang Lekhonkhobe napisał(a):
> > Lovely defence... By the way I hear that loads of server admins tend
> > to avoid the 2.6 kernels, implying that they regard the 2.4 series
> > more stable. Can anyone confirm if it's actually so or if it's more of
> > paranoia?
> I had oopses on early 2.6 kernels when doing some iptables rules
> changes. So I stayed with 2.4. Don't have time to test it every time new
> 2.6 comes out.

Yes, it was horribly unstable at first.  However, it's been quite reliable 
since 2.8 or so, even on PPC, and 2.12 is fine.

Lee Braiden

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