Please Help, I'm begging you: new Powerbook install problem 5.10

Steve Calvin scalvin at
Mon Nov 7 06:41:07 UTC 2005

Thank you. I believe I did try "install ppcXXX' or something besides  
the default, which I tried at first.
On Nov 6, 2005, at 11:11 AM, Lee Braiden wrote:

> On Sunday 06 November 2005 18:46, Steve Calvin wrote:
>> I can't get the Ubuntu intaller to recognize my cdrom. I get to the
>> graphical installer startup, language, location etc., but it asks for
>> a floppy(!) with my cdrom driver. It asks me to select a module and
>> then what is the /dev/cdrom address of my drive. It says no common
>> drive found, or something. I tried /cdrom, /dev/ptmx, /dev/cdrom-
>> which is the default. None work. Any ideas? Is my superdrive cd/dvd
>> dual layer too new or?
> Try booting with a 2.6 kernel.  The boot menu should provide  
> details on how.
> But probably, you just type something like install2.6 or linux2.6  
> at the boot
> prompt.  If that doesn't work, you could try looking for a more up- 
> to-date
> boot CD image, or maybe boot from a USB key drive, if you have  
> one.  I'm not
> sure if that will help much though, if the kernel doesn't recognise  
> your hard
> drive/cd controller.
> This is for debian, but it may point you in the right direction.   
> If it works,
> you could install a very basic debian system, then change it to  
> ubuntu by
> modifying your sources.list
> Having said all that, someone might well point out an easier way,  
> so don't be
> too hasty to do this :D
> Good luck :)
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> Lee Braiden
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