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TreeBoy ubuntu at
Wed Nov 9 18:01:46 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 09 Nov 2005 02:44, Wade Smart wrote:
> 11082005 2039 GMT-5
> I got Wine installed but couldn't get a few apps running. No big deal.
> But the reason I installed it was for IE. On 5.4 I would just type in
> wine iexplore.exe and it would start. Now it doesnt work that way. I
> have been looking at the documentation and Im not finding an answer.
> How do you start a app now?
> Thanks.
> Wade

If all you really want is MSIE (which I have to for web dev), then I recommend 
installing ies4linux.

Frank's Corner mentions it but doesn't rave about it like I think it 
should :-)

It is a very simple (and quite elegant IMHO) bash script that asks which 
versions of MSIE you want.

It creates a new WINE config directory.

It then downloads all required files (DCOM, RichEdit32 etc) and then downloads 
the install(s) for each of the versions that you want and installs them.

Finally it creates bash scripts in ~/bin for each of your versions.

I use ie5 and ie6

Hope this is helpful.


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