Xen support without reinventing the wheel

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Wed Nov 9 12:59:33 UTC 2005

Matthew Palmer wrote:
>>> Shouldn't it be enough that *you* are ready to move forward, etc?
>> do you think I have room for another project?
> <shrug>  Perhaps.  Your time commitments are your own.

I deserve that...somewhat.  I would've preferred a more empathetic 
and/or constructive response given that I do contribute to the 
open-source ecosystem but at least you gave me one bit of useful 
information about mentors.

> You're going to hold your bug reports to ransom in exchange for somebody who
> will teach you how to package stuff?  I suspect that isn't exactly what you
> meant...

and certainly isn't what I said.  Bug reports are relatively low 
involvement and I certainly do file them in whatever project I have 
worked with because God knows I find bugs without trying hard.

> If you don't have the personal ability to fix everything up in Xen, don't
> stress.  Instead, report the bugs, either in Launchpad/Malone or
> bugs.debian.org.  Then somebody else (or yourself, when you've got more
> time/knowhow) can fix them as resources are available.

I do stress.  I stress about things I consider very important to the 
community and how things that should be simple are made complicated 
which in turn increases the stress on the ecosystem's ability to support 
the user community.  What ever I build I want it to be almost failsafe 
in terms of installation because I don't want end-users to fail and I 
would rather spend my time pushing new ideas instead of answering the 
same avoidable questions over and over again.  If I do tackle anything 
with xen, I don't consider the project done until a user can install a 
package and have a working environment with a baseline working DomU 
running without doing anything.

that's the standard I strive for and sometimes I even succeed.

--- eric

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