Buffer I/O Error

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at hezmatt.org
Wed Nov 9 03:05:27 UTC 2005

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 09:08:44PM -0500, Hakim Singhji wrote:
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> Hi All,
> I am having a problem... my son knocked my Thinkpad off of the desk. Now
> the problem is at boot-time. The system tries to run fsck however at
> 47.8% it pauses and this error messages comes up:
> Console:
> - ------------------------
> Buffer I/O Error on device hda9, logical block 9896110
> Buffer I/O Error on device hda9, logical block 9896111
> Buffer I/O Error on device hda9, logical block 9896112
> Buffer I/O Error on device hda9, logical block 9896113
> - ------------------------
> It goes on like this for around 100 block ID's and then into single user
> mode. I've tried to run fsck from single user mode while unmounted. By
> the way hda9 is /home.
> I'm not sure what is going on however the system says that this can be
> repaired manually. How? Does anyone have any comments or recommendations.

Your hard drive is lunched.  The fsck utility, not knowing that the hardware
is fried, is giving you false hope.

Revert to backups, or if you really need to, you can plug the HDD into
another machine (with lots of spare disk space), rip the contents of the
partition into a file, replace the blocks that can't be read with blocks of
NUL, and then try fscking and loop-mounting the resultant partition to copy
your data off.  Don't expect that method to necessarily recover all of your
data, though.

- Matt

"For once, Microsoft wasn't exaggerating when they named it the 'Jet Engine'
-- your data's the seagull."
		-- Chris Adams
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