Another Unofficial UbuntuGuide?

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Timothy A. Holmes wrote:

> in my opinion, it is something that the linux community 
> has got to fix --- basic stuff has just gotta work,  Sorry folks, say
> all you want, but in the business of computers and dealing with
> (non technical) users, playing DVDs and MP3s is basic services, and
> excuse of "it's a proprietary format, we cant include it" sounds an
> awful lot like "its too hard for us to figure out" or "our operating
> system is second rate".  We know that this is not the case, but that
> doesn't carry any water with the general public.
But what's your solution?  We _can't_ distribute proprietary software.
have to be charging $ to pay for the licenses to do that.  Most software
that needs proprietary drivers to do something like play DVDs actually
a README that tells you what you would need - but we can't make users
READMEs either.

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My solution is to make sure that the there is excellent (read that as
below basic level) documentation on EXACTLY what to type etc to do the
source installs)  I understand we cant distribute the software, but if
we can make the compile/install process as user friendly and painless
and un-intimidating as possible, that would be a huge start

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