Another Unofficial UbuntuGuide?

Paul O'Malley ompaul at
Mon Nov 7 15:19:20 UTC 2005

Timothy A. Holmes wrote:

>Having worked in a couple linux distros, that is a fairly common
>sequence.  And in my opinion, it is something that the linux community
>has got to fix --- basic stuff has just gotta work,  Sorry folks, say
>all you want, but in the business of computers and dealing with average
>(non technical) users, playing DVDs and MP3s is basic services, and the
>excuse of "it's a proprietary format, we cant include it" sounds an
>awful lot like "its too hard for us to figure out" or "our operating
>system is second rate".  We know that this is not the case, but that
>doesn't carry any water with the general public.
>Just my USD.02
Hi Tim,

If you would care to read 
then perhaps you would understand.

I'll see your two cents and raise you the chance to use Free Software.

Just my smiley. :-)


Paul O'Malley

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