PCMCIA Camera Card Readers and photo programs

Timothy A. Holmes tholmes at mcaschool.net
Sun Nov 6 23:43:49 UTC 2005

Hi folks:

My ubuntu oddesy is going extremely well -- i got wireless networking working today, as well as my shared vfat drive.  

The final project for me is getting setup to handle the digital photos that i take at tremendous rates.  (400 to 600 in an evening is not uncommon) 

I use a PCMCIA Card reader to download my photos to the computer because of the speed improvement.  I put the card into the reader and slide it into the slot, it automounts, and asks if i would like to import the photos, I reply yes, and it promptly tells me that it cannot recognize the camera.  I have tried a number of different programs and they all behave in the same way (GPHOTO, GTHUMB, DIGIKAM, FSPOT).  If anyone can offer any suggestions for me, it would be most appreciated.

Thanks a ton

I greatly appreciate all the help that I have gotten from all of you

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