AMD64: Openoffice does not work after upgrade to Breezy

Thomas Kaiser (ubuntu) ubuntu at
Mon Nov 7 21:26:17 UTC 2005

Hello James

James Gray wrote:
> OOo is looking for the 32bit Zlib (the 64bit zlib wont cut it).  When I had 
> this exact problem a few weeks ago I hunted down a 32bit compatibility 
> library that OOo was happy with that DIDN'T involve downloading some 
> back-ported 32bit Zlib from the i386 Ubuntu - that is NOT the way to fix this 
> problem.

OK, did remove my hack and checked again:

thomas at AMD64:~$ dpkg -l |grep lib32z1
ii  lib32z1                                         1.2.3-3ubuntu4 
     compression library - 32 bit runtime

-> showed me that the 32bit lib is installed.

thomas at AMD64:~$ dpkg -L lib32z1

-> showed me where it should be installed

And  I checked for in /usr/lib32/, but there was not such 
a file. Reinstalled lib32z1, After that "sudo ldconfig" and OO was 
working again.

Maybe this info helps somebody, too.

Regards, Thomas


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