Programs on the menu

Kim Briggs patiodragon at
Sat Nov 5 00:30:27 UTC 2005

On 11/4/05, Timothy A. Holmes <tholmes at> wrote:
> As I have been installing stuff on a couple of Breezy machines, I have
> noticed that its kinda hit and miss as to stuff making it onto the
> menus, even when installing in Synaptic,  so whats the trick???
> I would really like my applications to show up on the menus when I
> install them, ...

Like the first reply said, if an application doesn't install an item
in the menu, it doesn't install it in the menu.  I don't think any
tricks will work.  In the meantime, "SMEG" is your friend.  I thought
I read on this list it is included with the 5.10 distribution.

Need more details?  In the choices to add a launcher in SMEG, choose
"add a custom launcher".  Then you need to browse to the executable so
it is listed in the "command" box.  Often it is in /usr/bin, but you
can query the package for that information.  If you like pictures,
click on the icon button (default was a foot) and look around
/usr/share/pixmaps for something that you would associate with the
application.  You can also "sudo cp" a file to that directory if you
don't find one you like.  For me, an icon of size 48x48 pixels had
been useful.  Seems most of the files are .xpm or .png.  It's a good
way to get to know the GIMP.
Hope this helps.


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