HOW-TO: Giving up Ubuntu

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Nov 3 19:51:54 UTC 2005

Timothy A. Holmes wrote:

> I'm insulted and angry that people react so agressively to my earlier
> post.
> Duncan
> [Timothy A. Holmes]
> Duncan -- I tend to agree with you -- this is a mindset that the Linux
> community at large MUST get over if we hope to have a chance of winning
> a large number of converts --

This is the problem.  We're not in a race.  We have no need for a large
number of converts.  We don't need market share (in fact, free software,
under the existing definitions, _can't_ have market share - no matter how
many Linux desktops we have, the 'market share' will be restricted to those
that bought a commercial Linux variant).

We simply don't _have_ to get over anything, and being told that we do is
likely to get people's backs up.

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