HOW-TO: Giving up Ubuntu

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Thu Nov 3 20:29:24 UTC 2005

Derek Broughton wrote:

>Timothy A. Holmes wrote:
>>I'm insulted and angry that people react so agressively to my earlier
>>[Timothy A. Holmes]
>>Duncan -- I tend to agree with you -- this is a mindset that the Linux
>>community at large MUST get over if we hope to have a chance of winning
>>a large number of converts --
>This is the problem.  We're not in a race.  We have no need for a large
>number of converts.  We don't need market share (in fact, free software,
>under the existing definitions, _can't_ have market share - no matter how
>many Linux desktops we have, the 'market share' will be restricted to those
>that bought a commercial Linux variant).
>We simply don't _have_ to get over anything, and being told that we do is
>likely to get people's backs up.
Okay, I'll reword Tims post so it is more palletable to you:

"...I tend to agree with you -- this is a mindset that makes the Linux
community at large appear hostile to non-linux users, we would benefit
from avoiding this mindset if we want to share Linux with a broader
share of computer users."

Now, try and answer the points in the text, instead of reinforcing the
point that Linux users often get hostile in the face of people wanting
to use windows.

For what it's worth I too get angry with some windows users. Mostly the
ones who know how bad windows is but _still_ won't go to the trouble of
trying something else. Kerbing my annoyance is key to making sure they
feel comfortable asking me for help, and eventualy looking at Linux again.


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