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Thu Nov 3 01:35:48 UTC 2005

Neil Woolford Wrote: 
> Hi,


> My Ubuntu box has the normal CUPS printing system, with the addition of
> the 

> gimp-print drivers for my Epson Stylus CX3200.  The printer is
> installed as 

> local printer on the USB port.  This works well when printing locally,
> but 

> I would like to be able to share the printer with my laptop, running 

> Windows 98.  (When I'm at work I use the shared printer on my Windows
> 2000 

> workstation over the network from the laptop.)


> I've set up physical networking and Samba.   I can browse the whole of
> the 

> laptop from Ubuntu, and the laptop can see and read files in my one
> share, 

> which is my home folder under Ubuntu.  As far as I know, this means
> that my 

> password and user identity under windows are recognised as valid by
> Ubuntu 

> for that share access.  (I set them up to match between systems, and
> did 

> the smbpasswd thing as well.)


> The problem is that the printer on the Ubuntu box is not visible to
> Windows 

> 98;  in contrast, the printer on the Windows 2000 workstation appears
> with 

> the shared folders when I open the Network Places window and the 

> appropriate computer within it.


> I assume that the correct behaviour for a shared printer would be to 

> 'announce' itself as a share, in much the same way as shared folders 

> do.  This just isn't happening from Ubuntu.


> Am I right to expect this?  Or do I have to invoke the printer in some
> way?


> The smb.conf file is the Ubuntu default as installed and seems to
> contain 

> the references to cups that I'd expect to be there to set things up 

> automatically.


> I can find a lot of detailed Samba howtos, but the example
> configurations 

> all look to be equivalent to what I already have.  One of the howtos
> even 

> shows a Windows network places window with the shared printer icon 

> alongside the shared folders, the result that I want...


> Neil



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I would like to do the very same thing... did you ever figure out how?


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