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Alex Ferguson wrote:
| First of all, thank you for all the replies.
| I had thought of the LAN way of doing things quite
| some time ago.But, it means I have to drill a hole in
| the wall.Either that, or using a 10 meter cable.
| Is the 10m cable a problem? I've heard that, if you
| use more than 10m for LAN (Without a router), it
| doesn't work.I'll try.I'll also try the apt-doc
| package.

You can run a cat5 cable up to 100 meters.  (Either 10Base-T or
100Base-T.)  So you may be able to temporarily run a cable through a
hallway.  Not a great solution, but you won't have to do any drilling.
And it's cheaper than buying wireless gear.  You will, of course, need a
second nic in the computer that has the internet connection.  But you
can get a used one for less than ten bucks.

If you are running the cable directly from the nic in one computer to
the nic in the other (not through a hub or a switch), you'll need to
make a crossover cable.

For length:

Crossover cable:

For all sorts of info on ethernet cables, including how to make them:

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