Screensavers Not Working

Andy Choens gunksta at
Tue May 31 16:56:38 UTC 2005

On 5/31/05, Jacob Walch <jacobw at> wrote:
> I just recently started using Kubuntu and I've noticed that most of my KDE
> screensavers simply don't work (some do).
> Trying to figure out what the problem was, I decided to test some on the
> command line.  Doing so results in the following
> error message: "Unable to resolve Xmu symbols - please check your Xmu
> library installation."  So I did a google search to
> see if anybody had the same problem.  I only found a couple, but I couldn't
> seem to find a solotion.
> What I did get from google is that this has somthing to do with libXmu. 
> Checking my own system, I find that I do, in fact,
> have this library (  My next thought was that there might be
> an update that would fix this so I fired up Ksynaptic.
> Making sure to update the package information first, I then tried to update
> my system.  Well, apparently, I'm as updated as I
> can get.  So anyway, I was hoping somebody would know know how to fix this.

This is interesting.  I noticed the same thing, and I also noticed on
mine that the category that was most affected were the OpenGL
screensavers.  Does anyone know what KDE package has the screensavers
in them?  We could look at the dependancy list and see if it's
symlinking to a non-existent version of libXmu, and we might be able
to temporarily fix this with a symlink.  But, I don't know which
package this would be.

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