ALSA has fallen and can't get up!

dwkreutzer ulist at
Mon May 30 19:08:57 UTC 2005

I am also having trouble with sound.  I put a new motherboard, chip,
memory and power supply in my computer (PCChips m848a; AMD Sempron
2800+; 512 MB Viking 333, Antec 300w) and I added a DVD rom/CD-RW combo
(I think the name is COMBO).  I reinstalled Hoary and reformatted the
hard drive.

No sound.  I put in a sound card and switched off the on-board sound--
nothing.  I used the Warty 4.10 live disk and got sound.

I figured something was muted somewhere but can't find anything.

If it is a problem with a recent Linux image, do I just wait and

I thank you in advance for any advice,



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