Hoary xpdf binaries have disappeared

Nathan Blackham kemotahalist at gmail.com
Mon May 30 13:58:55 UTC 2005

> would it be possible for Breezy to have a safe day each week where nothing
> gets changed and the details of that day made known... back during hoary dev,
> I got caught out twice with hoary being in the middle of a large update of
> gnome or whatever and things got messy for a couple of days...
> If there was a safe day, then I would only do an upgrade on that day rather
> than as and whenever...

I wouldn't mind that.  The only I see wrong with the suggestion is
that then the progress slows down for one day a week.  I used to use
Debian Unstable and I hated it when some thing would break because I
had to wait a full day before I could get it fixed.  I understand that
is part of the development cycle, but I loved waiting an hour and see
it get fixed with ubuntu.  It really helped me to feel that work was
getting done.

Thanks for such a great distro.


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