ALSA has fallen and can't get up!

Lee McLain lee.mclain at
Sun May 29 19:53:13 UTC 2005

Hi everyone,

     I still have a problem with my sound, but I have narrowed it down
to the fact that ALSA isn't working correctly.
    Here's what I know: 
     XMMS will only play using the eSound output plugin.
     MPlayer won't play any sound.
     Xine does have sound, but I think that it's using eSound, also.
     Audacity, which I believe uses only ALSA, gives me an error
message and states that it won't be able to record or playback any
sound.  It's not lying.
     This all happened a couple of days ago after I performed an
update via synaptic on some packages.  Unfortunately, I don't remember
what the packages were.  I just know that my sound isn't working
correctly anymore.  Before the update, all sound worked correctly.
     Is there someone out there that has some experience
troubleshooting sound problems on Hoary?  I am running Hoary on my new
Inspiron 6000 laptop.


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