Tomboy in KDE - possible

Adrian Try adriantrymail at
Sun May 29 05:07:44 UTC 2005

Hi. This is my first post in a Ubuntu forum.

Until recently I've been using Xandros, which helped me become familiar  
with Linux and its applications, and I've also fiddled with a large bunch  
of other distros as well.

Recently I decided to switch to a different distro so that I had access to  
later versions of programs, and could learn to do things in a more  
"linuxy" fashion. The decision seemed to be between Simply Mepis and  
Ubuntu, and I have to say it was a very close race. The deciding factors  
for Ubuntu came down to a faster boot time (and lighter system), the  
Ubuntu philosophy, and the great community.

One reason for my change to Ubuntu was an interest in trying Tomboy, a  
great notes program. I like the automatic hyperlinking between notes, and  
the fast search speed (although I don't have many notes yet to really try  
out the speed).

Here's my question: Tomboy seems to be a Gnome program - it starts from an  
icon on a Gnome panel. I haven't found a way of accessing the program from  
KDE. Does anyone know if that is possible?

I've spent most of my time prior to Ubuntu in KDE, but I've been really  
enjoying Gnome in Ubuntu. If I put all of my important data into Tomboy,  
it seems I need to make a life-long commitment to Gnome. Is that true? I  
need to think carefully about it if it is.

One last question. Tomboy is an excellent notes app. I'm also familiar  
with Tuxcards and Treepad. Is there any other killer notes apps that I  
should be trying? In Windows I loved Ecco Pro, Treepad and Keynote.

Thanks a lot!

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