Hoary and No Sound...But I did have it once!

Lee McLain lee.mclain at gmail.com
Sat May 28 02:37:53 UTC 2005

> Ubuntu currently uses:
>   ALSA (low-level) <- OSS (interface) <- esd (multiple-sources) <- Programs
> > I can't get any sound from any CD player software, either.
>  (a) Did it work before?
   Yes, it did.  That's why this problem is so perplexing.

>  (b) Do you have a physical audio cable?  If so, try enable CD audio in the
>      mixer.
   This is a laptop, so no.

>  (c) Otherwise, player needs to 'rip' it from the drive and feed it back as
>      PCM wave data (through ESD).
   The problem is that I don't understand why it just stopped working.
 Programs like MPlayer and Grip just don't play sound and Audacity
doesn't work at all like it did a couple days ago.

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