Is Linux a desktop operating system?

Thomas Kaiser thomas at
Fri May 27 07:37:59 UTC 2005


> The Second problem hinders the corporate market:
> Accountablity and support. If it breaks, who is going to fix it? This
> is still a major problem for alot of reasons. Tech support from
> distrobutions, internal support, training and certification all need
> more work before linux can really be used as a business desktop.
But, I think this is somehow missunderstand in the business world. If I 
pay something for a product, I will have support if something breaks. Is 
this really true?

I would say if you install Linux for free, you get support for free :-)
OR make a support contract with a local Linux company.

I have a nice example about support of commercial Products:
I programm PLCs and for this there is a windows IDE. I used the version 
y IDE from a manufacturer and found a bug in the compiler which broke my 
project. I reported this to the manufacturer and waited. After a week or 
two I got the answer that they know this problem, but they don't fix it 
for version y, because they are working on version z at the moment and 
in version z the problem will be solved. So I am really stuck. Version y 
breaks my project and version z is not out, yet :-|. And I have to buy 
version z if it comes out!!

In the open source world, I could have fix this by myself (if I have the 
skills) or send a bug report to the developer and ask for a patch. And I 
am pretty sure that you will get a patch in less than 3 days.

Regards, Thomas

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