how do you get taken off the list

Ed Cogburn edcogburn at
Thu May 26 14:20:29 UTC 2005

Thomas Beckett wrote:
> On 5/26/05, George Rector <gmr812 at> wrote:
>> I love it. but my mailbox is hurting! :( !  I would love to know how to
>> be taken off the list.
> Thats why i love my Gmail!

Gmail is dead!  Long live Gmane!  :)

(Joking, I don't even use gmail)

Use a newsgroup - mailing list gateway like Gmane, and you don't have to
download any emails, only the subject lines, and pick the ones you want to
read.  With a decent newsgroup reader, you can sort/filter/etc based on the
subject lines as well.  If the mailing list is on gmane, I never subscribe
to it directly, and all of Ubuntu's mailing lists are there.

'gmane.linux.ubuntu':  if you don't already know that you don't like using
the newsgroup metaphor (some don't - its a different strokes thing), its
worth trying to save on download bandwidth.

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