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What is that *one word* probably that is all I am missing!?


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May 2005 02:16 pm, Stephan Hermann wrote:<br> > Hi Sujit,<br> ><br> 
> On Wednesday 25 May 2005 20:09, sujit sinha wrote:<br> > > SuSE 
has some fixed place from where you can get most of the<br> > > 
packages. This feature is absent in Ubuntu. You need to build your own<br> 
> > sources.list.<br> ><br> > What do you mean? The official 
repository<br> > is the main place to 
get everything official for Ubuntu Linux.<br> ><br> > Or didn't I 
catch the point?<br> ><br> > \sh<br><br>And there is no such fixed 
point for SuSE. I had to add extra sources to get<br>updates to GNOME and 
KDE, not to mention all the 3rd-party sources for<br>packages that SuSE 
either wouldn't provide, or wouldn't fix.<br><br>The stock sources.list may 
need a bit of editing to get the Universe or<br>Multiverse repositories 
enabled, but that editing consists of uncommenting<br>two lines, and adding 
*one word* to the end of each. Do that, and you have<br>everything Ubuntu 
has to offer for that particular release. 
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