Personal Web Radio

Carl Karsten carl at
Wed May 25 03:29:31 UTC 2005

Matt Patterson wrote:
> I have a large collection of mp3's, many of which are of too high of a 
> bitrate to directly stream over a cable modem to an outside location. I 
> would like to setup some type of streaming media server that will on the 
> fly produce 128 bit mp3's from my collection so I can listen from 
> elsewhere in the world, and obviously I want it to be remotely 
> controllable.
> Anybody done this, have recommendations for software?

Icecast to broadcast to many people, and Ices to feed it something to broadcast.

Ices will read one bitrate and encode it to something else.

Don't know abut the remote control - I just let it go random.

Carl K

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