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Luis Murillo lmurillo at
Mon May 23 23:13:01 UTC 2005

OK, I've been using Linux for a couple of years now and through out
these years I have not exactly been able to get Samba to work as it
I'm trying to get Samba working and till now I have it partially
working, by this I mean that I can connect to other network machines by
their IP address and not their netbios name, for example I can see
rigel's shares by entering smb:// in Nautilus, but if I
double click on rigel's icon or try to access smb://rigel then it gives
me an error:

	The folder contents could not be displayed.
	"Windows Network: betelgeuse" couldn't be found.
	Perhaps it has recently been deleted.

This also happens when I try to access gir, which is the netbios name of
my computer and the one I'm trying to get Samba working on. In Windows
XP (rigel) when I try to see other machines that are on the same
workgroup (corebore) I only see the Windows machine and if I write \\gir
then I see and access the shares, but no icon.

My guess is that I have a local DNS problem or it's missing, although I
have added the IPs and hostnames on the hosts and lmhost files and I can
ping them by name so there is no problem there.

Now my network config is as follows:
	IP address:
	Machines on the network:
		-gir (Ubuntu) (eth0 - LAN)
                     (eth1 - WAN)
		-rigel (Windows)
		-betelgeuse (Ubuntu)
	[Note: the IPs aren't consecutive because they where given by a dhcp
server, which no longer exists, and it's just easier to remember them by
the way they where set :) ]



I have posted my smb.conf in

Now, I believe that I'm not leaving anything out, so that is all for
now, hope someone can help me :)

btw, I have read multiple HowTos on this and have gotten similar
results, maybe it's my network :(
Luis Murillo M.
lmurillo at
Heredia, Costa Rica

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