Problems of "freezing" during gnome startup

Daniel Tiziani dtiziani at
Sun May 22 20:03:04 UTC 2005

Hello Everyone,

I'm using Hoary with gnome AND polypaudio. The problem is: As soon as
I log into gdm (after entering my password and enter) I get an empty
screen  (with the default color of gnome startup) but no gnome
splashscreen... this screen is just freezed.... But what happens is
that if I wait 5-10 min. it enters in gnome normally, so something is
beeing processed during this freeze and holding gnome from starting

Has anyone seen this before? Can give me some directions of how to get
the source of the problem?

Ubuntu rocks! But I need to solve that problem so I can get a 100% system here.

Daniel Tiziani
dtiziani at

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